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Elite Naruto Fanfiction

Destroying fandom, one fic at a time

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About Us: This is the sister community to OMG_Naruto_RP on Greatestjournal. Unlike our sister comm, this community is dedicated not to RPing, but to the deliberate writing of Naruto badfic. That's right people, the deliberate writing of badfic. Why, you ask? Well, because some people do it seriously, and it hurts.

Basic Rules:
1. This community is a humor community, so please join it in the spirit of fun and not malice. Satirizing fanon conventions through badfic is fine. Deliberately attacking a specific author is not. Although I've always had a morbid fascination for fandom_wank, if you wank on my community, I will kick you out and ban you, no questions asked.
2. Post only badfic that YOU have written (unless you have the author's consent to post their badfic). Do NOT post a fic that an author has written seriously as badfic on this community. ~_~
3. With the exception of the mod, members can ONLY post badfic on this community. That means no threads about "OMG Sasuke-kun is so hawt" or "What will happen in chapter 1235849 and will this arc ever end??" That also means no advertising your comm/fic/rp on here, unless it is posted as a postscript to a valid entry.
4. I am allowing free comments on this community. Considering the kind of community we are, that means we can expect a few anonymous trolls to come along and try to start a flame war. Be adults fight dirty and don't stoop to their level.
5. For God's sake, do not post a serious fic here and expect comments/praise on it. The irony of that will not be lost on anyone.
6. To anyone who did not read this userinfo before posting and breaks one of the rules, especially rule #5: *points* AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHHA*takes a deep breath*AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAH!

Jump the Bandwagon? Drop me an email at vanreust@bellsouth.net and include a badfic submission for this community. I expect you to display a decent grasp of English grammar/spelling, unless of course you're "speekin lik dis on porpoise" for the badfic. For current members of OMG_Naruto_RP, just an email telling me who on play on the RP will be sufficient, since you've all already passed a screening process to get into the RP.

1. Can I join the community just to read the badfic and not post any?
No. There's really no reason for you to do that, since most if not all of our posts will be available for the public to read (we want to spread the pain love. If you want to be an active member, you must submit at least one badfic. Once you are already a member, you can post as often as you'd like.
2. This is sick. I can't believe you'd do something like this. You people suck.
That's not a question, you idiot. ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE OUR COMMUNITY!