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Tue, May. 18th, 2004, 11:02 pm
shiru_chan: TenTen's Fanfiction

Well, I suppose I shall make the first post. I have to say that I'm very glad this is here, I have kind of a sick freak interest in how bad, just HOW BAD, things can get in the fandom, and so maybe my writing of my own bad fiction is kind of a masochistic sort of way of getting it all out of my system. It burns. It burns in my soul. Pass the cranberry juice kiddies, cause I gots to get this exorcised.

As you may have seen, TenTen of the OMG_Naruto_RP is a budding fangirl writer of diverse talents. This is TenTen's very own MarySue Neji x TenTen fic.

Title: Bleeding White Roses by TenTen-chan
Rating: R for language and smex!!! YAOI YURI H LEMON NO FLAMES!!!
Summary: TenTen... the light... you must search for the light....... in the dark.....

TenTen was all lonely and depressedzors and she was running from some mean ugly bullies with bushy eyebrows!

"Hey you stupid bun head girl!" The thick-browed bullies yelled. "You're stupid and you suck! Go away!"

TenTen cried. Her life was so sad and she was so lonelies! She dreamed of a faraway place where someone loved her and no one would ever call her names again! Then TenTen tripped and fell into a plot hole. She fell down, down, down... and landed gracefully in the middle of a beautiful forest! Birds sang and butterflies flied. The sun shone through the trees and everything was nice and pritty! TenTen skipped merrily along through the woods, singing a beautiful beautiful song.

Oh I forgot to tell you TenTen was wearing a red brocade mandarin-style shirt with black trim and frog-style buttons and black capri pants in a nice lightweight cotton-polyester blend. With this she wore her Konoha head protector, black shinobi sandals that had little bows on them, and earrings that were made of real jade, that were mysteriously given to her in some relative's dying request, they signified her membership in a secret ninja clan that was now extinct, but they were her birthright to ultimate power and greatness, she was the most powerful and important weapon in all of Ninjaland but she doesn't know that yet! Oh and her hair was styled into two ample buns on the sides of her head, held in place by red and black satin grosgrain hair ribbons.

TenTen's lovely song reached the ears of a boy nearby. "Oh my," the dark-haired, red eyed young man said to himself. "It sounds like the oh so innocent siren song of a young nubile girl just waiting to be ravished by yours truly. Mommy why didn't you love me? Kill kill...."

The bad crazy man sneaked overs to where TenTen was picking wildflowers. He snuck up behind her and grabbed her!!

"Oh no!" TenTen shrieked.

"Shut up," the bad man said. He grabbed her by the hair buns.

"What are you doing?" TenTen wailed, her eyes full of tears. She had spent a lot of time to do her hair that day!!!

"I'm going to touch you," the young man growled. "In the bad kind of way."

"NO!" TenTen shrieked. "Don't touch me in the bad touch way! I'm saving myself for my future true love whereever he may be!"

"Nope," the man said, pushing her down and looking deep into her eyes with his scary scary red orbs, "You are mine now, bitch. HAHAHAHAHA!"

He ripped open TenTen's shirt and began to fondle her delicate beautiful perky breasts thru her lacy bra. TenTen whimpered below him, frightened. "No please stop ow it hurts so good!"

Then suddenly a kunai whizzed thru the air! (OMG!!!! =!_!=) Then a young man charged forward with a flying kick!!! *#~POW!!!~#*

"Help help I'm scared of taijutsu!" The bad red eyed man wailed, and he ran away.

TenTen lay on the ground, terrified. What was going on?

"Damn those stupid guys who take advantage of innocent girls!" The boy said, his arms folded. He glared down at TenTen. TenTen gasped. His eyes were palest silver, beautiful to behold. His long, smooth brown hair flowed out in the breeze behind him.

He was the most beautiful creature she had ever seen in all her entire life. In that moment, sakura petals and bubbles flew by. She could imagine what it would be like to kiss him, to make love to him, to marry him and have his babies... to always care for him and give him everything he ever wanted because she loves him with all her being and every fiber of her soul, and always be only his forever and ever and ever and--

"Miss," the boy said, and gestured down at her torn shirt, with a blush upon his pallid cheeks.

TenTen looked down at her exposed breastular area and reddened. She tried to wrap her ripped shirt around her but it just fell off in little shreds cause it was made in America.

The young light-eyed man looked as though he felt sorry for her. "Here," he said, quietly. Then he peeled off his own shirt and wrapped it around her shoulders, and buttoned it up over her voluptutously pleasurable bosoms.

TenTen looked up at him with wide doe eyes. "I'm sorry," she said, "How can I ever thank you, Mr...."

The boy looked away gruffly. "Neji," he said softly. "You can call me Neji."

"Neji," TenTen repeated. The syllables were music to her ears, like a symphony in a really nice cathedral. "Neji-san."

He looked back at her and smirked. "Just Neji."

"Neji," TenTen repeated.

"I like the way it sounds when you say it," Neji sighed. "It doesn't sound quite the same when anyone else says it."

TenTen blushed prettily. Her eyes traveled about the lonely forest, and finally over the boy's bare, broad shoulders and muscular arms. "What does it mean?"

Neji looked deep into TenTen's brown orbs and replied slowly, "Screw."

TenTen smiled slowly. "Well. Neji. That gives me an idea of what I'd like to do to thank you...."


HAI HAI!!! OMG I had to stop here cause my mom came into my room OH NOES! D: The rest is private unless you want me to continue! I need 5 votes minnas-chwans!

=!_!= Neko-chan: 5 votes? Wow that's not much! And you're a horny lass!

TenTen-chan-chan: Oh beepity beep you silly Neko-chan! Don't tell them all my secrets AHHHH!

=@_@= Neko=chan: How about that you have no life and you stare at your anime posters all day and you have seen all of Akihabara Dennougumi?

TenTen-chan-sama: NOOOOOOOOOES!!!!!!

So what did you think? Do you know who it is who was the bad man in the forest? NO SPOILERS!!!

Sat, Apr. 12th, 2008 04:24 am (UTC)
(Anonymous): great

that was a great story when r u going to make the next one.